Library Chiller Replacement

Client: Michigan State University

Location: East Lansing, Michigan

Architect Partner: DiClemente Siegel Design, Inc.

Project Specifics: New cooling towers and associated structure on the library’s roof and a new underground switchgear addition. This required new mechanical/electrical equipment, piping and instrumentation.

Challenges: Strong emphasis was placed on protecting the safety of the public in a major foot traffic area. Large-scale deliveries and rooftop crane work required scheduling at off-peak hours during the winter season—all while keeping the library in operation. Shmina also had to temporarily rework the library’s active mechanical, electrical, heating and cooling systems, which required constant coordination with the facility’s operations personnel.

Cost: $7,000,000

“Everything went fine, and everything looks good. I thank Shmina for making our chiller replacement a success.”

Ken Dawson

Project Representative, Infrastructure Planning and Facilities, Michigan State University

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